Prison Architect Launch Date Unveiled For PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

The development team behind the construction and management simulation title, Prison Architect, has now revealed the launch dates for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game will be releasing next month where players will take control of the building and maintaining their very own prison, filled with ruthless criminals.

This BAFTA-winning title for the PC is now making its way to consoles and its set to come with the All Day and a Night DLC for free. The game puts players in control of building and running their own prison that will house some of the most ruthless and despicable criminals on earth.

Players start off with slowly building their prison with a holding cell and as more criminals are dropped off at the prison gates, you’ll determine what luxuries they will have during their stay. Decide on placing workout rooms, libraries, solitary cells, you can even decide to toss in a death row if your little heart desires.

As mentioned, the console release of Prison Architect will come with the All Day and a Night DLC which will give players eight new wardens, prison maps, and plots to expand and build the ultimate and quite possibly, brutal prisons, but again, how the prisons are built are completely in your control.

Decide if you’re able to handle some of the toughest situations when the game launches for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 this June 28, 2016.