Destiny’s Oryx Falls To Solo Player In Hard Mode

The April update for Destiny finally allowed players to take on Oryx solo in Hard Mode and now that imposing challenge has been completed.

YouTuber Esoterickk1 shows how it’s possible in the above video. As with Normal Mode, you’ll need to be a Sunsinger Warlock if you want to solo Oryx on Hard. As one, you can bypass the platform jumping entirely and simply resurrect yourself whenever you detonate the bombs.

This previously wasn’t possible because players couldn’t do enough damage on their own to stagger Oryx. With an increased light cap of 335 it’s now feasible with a maxed-out Sleeper Simulant.

Watch the video above to see how it’s done for yourself.

Esoterickk1’s says:

“The primary difference from normal mode vs hard mode soloing is the speed in which you need to kill the ogres and detonate bombs. The light-eater knights come out extremely fast, meaning you have a very small window to get the bombs off before the knights eat them. While it may not seem like much, it contrasts greatly from normal as you have the time to let the bombs reset and jump into them much slower. Here you need to rush into bombs, which messes up bomb timing more often than not.

“The Ogres health pools also don’t work as nicely as normal mode did, requiring additional Primary shots in order to get their health low enough if you’re using the Fusion Grenade strategy. This means you have to stay up top and shoot all 4 Ogres to get them lower before jumping down, making timing a lot more rushed. On Normal Mode the Sniper shots were enough to get them to the right health thresholds (where a single Primary shot would kill them).”

Destiny 2 is set for release in 2017 with a major new expansion for the original game due this autumn.