CoroCoro Releases New Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer

Earlier this week we got the reveal of the latest installments to one of Nintendo’s most popular mobile video game franchises, Pokemon. It was officially unveiled that the latest Pokemon video games would be Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon along with the announcement was a reveal trailer. Today, the popular Japanese monthly magazine company, CoroCoro, has released a new trailer for the upcoming games.

Don’t get too excited about the new trailer as its mostly the same footage from the original Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon reveal trailer. However, with that said, there are some little snippets of new footage to the game. One of which is causing quite the stir with the Pokemon online community.

Apparently, around twelve seconds into the new CoroCoro trailer there is an unidentifiable Pokemon that will be added to the Pokedex. In fact, check out the screenshot of the trailer down below and let us know if you have any idea what this Pokemon may be.


Both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are a Nintendo 3DS exclusive and will not launch until later this year with a worldwide release of November 18, 2016. Furthermore, the game takes place in the tropical Alola region which resembles the tropical Hawaii atmosphere. As for the three starter Pokemon available to choose from at the beginning of their adventure, players will be presented with either Rowlet, Litten, or Poppilo.

More details about the two video games will likely come in the months leading up to the release. For now, take a look at the latest trailer posted above along with screenshots of the game available within the gallery down below.