You Can Now Enjoy Gears of War Ultimate Edition With Unlocked Frame Rate


A new patch update has been released for The Coalition’s Gears of War Ultimate Edition video game which makes a number of adjustments. One of those adjustments is allowing players to enjoy the game with unlocked frame rate, which is one feature that should let the game run at its smoothest depending on your PC specifications.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition is an enhanced version of the original Gears of War video game that was released by developers Epic Games. The video game takes players once again through the Gears of War campaign with the added five chapters that originally was exclusive to the first PC port.

News of the video game patch was posted on the official Gears of War Ultimate Edition forums. Besides the newly unlocked frame rate option, the game will also see the added v-sync toggle along with minor bug fixes. Check out the full patch notes down below.

Title Update 5 – Patch Notes

– Added v-sync toggle to video options. Toggle “off” to not be limited by your monitors refresh rate. Note: This requires an OS update that can be found here:

– Added frame rate limit selector to video options. Use to reduce your frame rate if you are getting too much tearing, or choose unlimited to let the game render as fast as possible. Note: This option is best used with v-sync off. With v-sync on, it will force the game onto a refresh interval (render every refresh, every second refresh, etc.).

– Added anisotropic filtering setting to video options.

– Added FPS counter toggle to video options.

– Fixed a bug where post processing could become disabled.

– Fixed a bug where PSO’s could be created on the fly instead of read from the cache, causing hitches.