Cliff Bleszinski Becomes Latest Fig Investor

Cliff Bleszinski

Cliff Bleszinski, arguably most well-known for his time at Epic Games with the creation of the Gears of War franchise, has become one of the latest investors for Fig. For those unaware of what Fig is, this is a competing crowdfunding website for the likes of Kickstarter, but with a special interest in video games. Now Cliff joins other investors from the gaming industry as they help pave a new road for developers to use when it comes to receiving the funds for video game development.

Announced through a blog post on Fig by Justin Bailey, Cliff Bleszinski was officially named as a Fig investor, although it was not stated just how much money Bleszinski threw towards Fig’s way. Speaking to Forbes, Cliff made mention of his dislike of Kickstarter.

“I asked myself – if I put in a good chunk of money in Kickstarter, shouldn’t I get more than like a mug? It’s the classic example of vote with your dollars by way of investing.”

What makes Fig standout when compared to other Kickstarter campaigns, is that there is an option to invest in equity. This will allow investors to see some type of return and likely profit from their money when the game officially launches.

However, there are still the standard normal tiers of investing money into a video game campaign where pledging a certain amount will in return grant you the video game along with some other merchandise.

Another interesting aspect one may find of interest towards investing in the production of a video game is that Fig offers a way to see just where a video game is in production. Viewers will be able to clearly see just where the production is at from pre-production to the game’s launch, with other goal milestones between such as the game hitting alpha to beta.

Besides his investment towards Fig, Cliff Bleszinksi is hard at work with his upcoming first-person shooter, LawBreakers. Currently still-in-development with Bleszinski’s studio, Boss Key Productions, the game will be launching at some point this year for the PC.