Jay And Silent Bob Game Flies Past Fig Funding Goal

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch has out-raised its funding goal on crowdfunding website Fig, with backers contributing $436,297 compared to a $400,000 target at the time of writing.

The game, a multiplayer action title, is based on the film series and fans can continue to contribute until 21:00 ET.

Developer Interabang is offering anyone who backed the game the opportunity to make a cameo appearance in Kevin Smith’s next film.

“The outpouring of fan support has been truly humbling,” Interabang Entertainment co-founder Justin Woodward commented in a press release today. “Thanks to the Fig community, we will have the creative freedom to create an epic gaming adventure that blends the wit and humor of Kevin Smith movies with fast-paced, co-op gaming action.”

“We’ve breathed life into Jay and Silent Bob in movies, TV and comics for more than 20 years, and now we can tell their story through an interactive medium,” Kevin Smith added. “But what is a video game?”

The game itself is a tag-team beat-’em-up set in the “Askew-niverse” with the same witty dialogue found in the cult movies. Playing as Lunch Box and Mr. Snoogans, you set off to find customers for their pot, which takes the duo from street corners to the gates of hell itself. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (Silent Bob) are on-hand for voice acting purposes.

“I’m stoked that the Jay and Silent Bob community mobilized to support this game through their pledges and investment interest,” Justin Bailey, Fig’s CEO, commented. “I’m equally excited to see that with the View Askewniverse extending into games, that the fans who made this possible have an opportunity to profit from the game’s success.”

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch is in development for PC and Mac via Steam and the Humble Store. The game will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and possibly mobile at a later time.