Battlefield 1: DICE Explains How Mounts Will Play a Central Role

From what we know of Battlefield 1, vehicles will play a major role in the upcoming game, which offers both a single-player campaign and multiplayer. Like previous games in the series, players will be able to utilize vehicles to traverse across the large maps and kill other players using mounted weapons.

A new addition in Battlefield 1 will be the inclusion of horses, which players can ride into battle and hack opponents down. Aside from guns, melee combat in general will play a huge role in the upcoming WW1-themed game. Players will be able to arm themselves with a wide variety of melee weapons including shovels, sabers, and trench raiding clubs.

Speaking to DICE producer Aleksander Grøndal, Eurogamer learned some new details about the melee system. The developer informed them that players will be able to use melee weapons to break through different types of material depending on what you use. Some weapons might be able to break down doors, while others would not have that impact. These melee weapons vary in usefulness—some are slow and deadly, while others allow for faster strikes.

“That’s the flavour you can play around with. The idea is you’ll find one that matches your personal taste. And of course it’s cool to take people down with a bayonet charge,” said Grøndal.

“Firstly, you’ve got to put the bayonet on your weapon. Basically, you charge up and run. Anyone who gets stuck in your way is probably going to have a hard time. You commit to a charge and off you go.”

The developer did not elaborate on the use of mounts, but stated that players will experience something new from the addition of horses.

“You can speculate a lot from what you’ve seen. The answers will become clear. Yes, they will play a central role,” he teased.