More Battlefield 1 Details Released Through Twitter Q&A


Battlefield 1 has been highly talked about these past few days since its announcement was made. Gamers were quick to praise the game compared to its competition, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. There are still loads of information and details we’ve been wondering about since Battlefield 1’s initial announcement and some of those questions were finally answered.

Earlier today, the official Battlefield twitter account held a Q&A with its followers, where gamers could submit questions about the upcoming video game title, Battlefield 1. If you missed out on the Q&A, here are the rundown of what was asked and answered. Be forewarned, due to the limits of tweets, the questions and answers were fleshed out that well.

Q. How is melee attack going to affect the game?

A. Different types of melee weapons will have its advantages and disadvantages. Use the one that fits you.

Q. What settings can we expect to play in?

A. Settings include the western front, but also unexpected places like Italian Alps and Arabian deserts –and more!

Q. What’s the vehicle warfare going to be like?

A. Vehicles were much more unique and so the gameplay reflects that. So much more interesting!

Q. Will the game contain a story mode?

A. Yes! We will have a cool new campaign that will feel much more like Battlefield.

Q. Will airplanes have an aerial gunner as it’s seen in the trailer?

A. Yes! You will be able to bring friends along in the air to support you!

Q. Are there going to be new game modes?

A. Yes! There will be a variety of all new and classic game modes.

Q. Will we see a range of naval vessels with different weaponry too?

A. There will be a range of naval vessels for you to enjoy.

Q. Please can you confirm that there will be no night IRNV or FLIR or NVG Type gun scopes?

A. Confirmed.

Q. Will weapon attachments be true to the era? No red dot sights, for example, or will there be new and old?

A. All attachments will be era authentic.

Q. Are tanks controlled by on person still or do they require multiple people operating the guns and driving?

A. Both!

Q. Will planes act different when bits of the planes come off, like we saw in the trailer?

A. Poor planes lost a part of its wing, of course it would be affected.

Q. Please tell me, will there be a server browser in Battlefield 1?

A. Server browser confirmed.

Battlefield 1 is currently scheduled to launch worldwide on October 21, 2016, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.