Gamer Completes Dark Souls III Without Blocking, Rolling, Or Leveling

The Souls series was developed in order to give players a real challenge. It’s a real surprise when we see certain gamers able to complete the game in record time. However, one gamer was able to complete the latest installment to the Souls series, Dark Souls III, without leveling up, blocking, or rolling.

Thanks to PC Gamer, we discovered TolomeoR, a Twitch streamer that has instantly became famed for his ability to complete Dark Souls III without having to level up, block, or roll. This took quite a bit of time, however, as the total feat took about sixty hours to pull off, though the gamer broke down his game to feature just the boss fights for those interested.

Arguably the toughest boss to defeat for some gamers was Soul of Cinder and according to TolomeoR, the boss took him about fifteen hours alone to defeat. Again, as someone who probably couldn’t complete any of the Souls game within sixty hours with the use of leveling up, rolling, and blocking, this is something awe-inspiring.

Regardless if you’re a hardcore Souls fan or not, it’s a real treat to watch through the available videos. Take a look at the boss fight of Nameless King up above.