Rockstar Teases New Upcoming GTA Online Updates


Rockstar has been pumping out new content for the Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode, GTA Online, since its original launch on September 17, 2013. Now, thanks to an updated post through the Rockstar Games Newswire, there have been teases as to what gamers can expect in the upcoming update.

It seems that gamers will soon be able to enter the world of contraband trafficking with the successor to Grand Theft Auto V Online update, Executives and Other Criminals. This new update doesn’t go into too much detail though there will apparently be “big new properties” that gamers can use as a means for a headquarters along with storage for their hot merchandise.

There will also be a bit of management that may be involved as not only will gamers have to carefully plan for their pickups and drop offs, but also keeping tabs of their headquarters in case of a police raid search.

“You’ll be working with your team from a selection of big new properties that serve as both headquarters for your Organization and warehouses for your hot merchandise. Manage inventory directly from your HQ, arranging to buy and sell anything from jewels to narcotics to medical supplies from a range of nefarious suppliers. Expect the unexpected as you head out with your team to make each pickup. Keep your stock in mint condition to maintain value and sell at a profit – and watch for raids on your warehouses between shipments!”

There’s also word of new cunning stunts that gamers can attempt. Again, tight-lipped, Rockstar notes that there will be new stunt-ready vehicles and gear along with new sets of props for the Creator scene. Lastly, the post makes mention of new adversary modes, locations, and other new unnamed game modes.