Epic Games May Never Make Another Single Player Game

Epic Games‘ CEO Tim Sweeney has said the company may never make another single player game.

Speaking to Polygon, Sweeney said the company’s decision to move to a self-publishing multi-platform model was one factor that helped them decide. The economics of large-scale single-players also requires developers to work with major publishers in order to succeed.

“We realized that the business really needed to change its approach quite significantly,” Sweeney commented. “We were seeing some of the best games in the industry being built and operated as live games over time rather than big retail releases.

“We recognized that the ideal role for Epic in the industry is to drive that and so we began the transition of being a fairly narrow console developer focused on Xbox to being a multi-platform game developer and self-publisher, and indie on a larger scale.”

Epic is experimenting with the free-to-play MOBA Paragon, which is currently in open beta on PC and PlayStation 4. The developer is also making Fortnite, which was originally announced in 2011, and the new version of Unreal Tournament.