Legend of Zelda For Wii U Has Been Delayed

The new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U, which is currently untitled, has been delayed for release alongside Nintendo’s new console, codenamed NX, in 2017.

The company made a small announcement on Twitter, as seen below, to state that the game will not be coming out this year for the Wii U. Instead, it will be released in March 2017 for both the Wii U and NX. The company revealed the release date for the NX during an investor call.

The game had previously been listed in the company’s 2016 release roster back when it was published in March, but was not present on a list that was published late last year, suggesting to gamers that the game wouldn’t be out this year. Now we have official confirmation that the game will be out only in 2017.

That being said, we should expect to see the game showcased at this year’s E3.