Spec Ops: The Line Developers Announce New Tech-Noir Tactics Game


Have you ever wondered what would happen if the cold war never ended? If yes, you’re in luck. Today, Inbetweengames announced their new indie title All Walls Must Fall. 

All Walls Must Fall is a tech-noir spy thriller set in a Berlin of 2089 where the Cold War never ended. A game in the isometric action tactics genre, you command secret agents using time travel, social stealth and combat. Prevent nuclear annihilation. Bring down the Wall. Love, kill, and remix reality to explore the meaning of freedom in a parable reflecting upon current global issues in the mirror of a fantastic future past.

The game is inspired by 90’s classics such as Fallout and Planescape that originally drove the developers to start creating games. According to Inbetweengames All Walls Must Fall is best compared to a mixture of Jonathon Blows Braid and 2K’s X-COM, although they assure the game is much more than that, and will derive from a unique synergy between music and time-travel gameplay.

Inbetweengames are also excited to set their new game in the city of Berlin, more specifically, in the popular nightclubs that litter the streets. Jan David Hassel said today: “Besides video games, the city of Berlin itself is a huge inspiration for us… Like the current club culture which really started with the wall coming down and historic sites and museums covering the time period of when the city was divided.”


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.48.24 PM

A screenshot from a prototype build made to show off the style of the game.

Inbetweengames consists of only 3 members, all veteran developers who left Yager Development to form the new indie games company. At Yager, Isaac, David and Rafal all worked on games like Spec Ops: The Line and the recently cancelled Dead Island 2. They said in their announcement today that they’re keeping the development of All Walls Must Fall open, stating that they’re sick of NDA’s (Non-disclosure Agreements) and instead want to build a community around the game.

All Walls Must Fall will be releasing on Steam Early Access from Fall 2016. The game is set to release finally in 2017.