Iggy and Scorch Join Paragon’s Roster of Heroes on April 21


Beginning April 21, the latest hero, or pair of heroes I should say, to join Paragon‘s roster will be the combo of Iggy and Scorch. Iggy is a pint sized mage with a penchant for fire, while Scorch is his trusty mount, capable of catching Iggy’s molotovs in his mouth, and then using them to breath a steady stream of fire.

From the reveal video, it seems like Iggy and Scorch’s main focus is lane control. Iggy has the ability to toss out flame turrets that seem to deal a ton of damage over time at a close distance. Scorch’s fire breath also seems to go along nicely with Iggy’s oil bomb, which drops a bunch of inflammable oil on the ground that can ignite and set ablaze anyone and anything on top of it. Scorch can secrete oil as well, making it very dangerous to chase him down.

Those interested in giving Paragon a shot can sign up for the paid early access, or wait for the free open beta coming this summer. The retail version, Paragon Essentials will hit stores on June 7 for PlayStation 4.