Paragon Early Access Founders Pack On Sale Now


Epic Games is gearing up to release Paragon, the Gears of War studio’s first entry into the increasingly crowded MOBA arena. But anyone who’s spent even a small amount of time getting ganked in the jungles of DOTA knows that learning a new MOBA can be an intimidating experience. Fortunately, Epic knows this too, and the studio is offering dedicated players a chance to get in on the action early, with its Early Access Founders Pack.

Available for sale now on the game’s official site, the Founder’s Pack does pretty much exactly what you’d think, allowing players some extra time to get to know the game. In addition to getting to play the game before its official release, founders will be treated to new heroes every three weeks, and will be given the chance to really hone their skills thanks to founders-only Master’s Challenges. And of course, what preorder bonus would be complete without founder-only player skins?

Obligatory launch trailer plug!

Paragon follows the standard MOBA format you all know and love, but Epic is putting strict emphasis on balanced playstyles that don’t prioritize paying players over those who choose to play for free. As the game’s official site says, “Paragon is designed so that every player can compete and win without ever having to spend money.”

Paragon will be in open beta for free summer of 2016, but players who purchase the Founder’s Pack will have access to the game on March 18. The Founder’s Pack comes in three flavors: Standard, Challenger, and Master, which can be purchased for PC and PlayStation 4 now for $19.99, $69.99, and $99.99, respectively.