Nintendo and Nickelodeon Partner Up To Bring Spongebob to Splatoon


The world of Bikini Bottom is coming together with Inkopolis as the result of a new partnership between Nintendo and Nickelodeon to feature Spongebob in the latest upcoming Splatfest event.

Beginning April 23 and concluding on April 24,¬†Splatoon players who choose to participate in the Splatfest will be asked to choose a side: SpongeBob or Patrick. They will then receive an in-game t-shirt to show their allegiance and battle it out on the field of splat. When the dust is settled and the paint is dry, the winning team will receive “Super Sea Snails,” which can be used to upgrade their gear.

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Though the event doesn’t start until next week, the polls asking players which side they want to support will open tomorrow.

It’s truly commendable how strongly Nintendo has been supporting Splatoon, even nearly a year since its release. Though this is probably the most high profile Splatfest Nintendo has done so far, it’s far from the only one. In February, Nintendo asked fans to show their support for either¬†Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue in a Splatfest aimed to help celebrate Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. Of course, Pokemon Blue won because obviously Blastoise kicks Charizard’s ass.