Life Is Strange 2 Being Kickstarted But Not By DontNod

Life is Strange
A fan of DontNod Entertainment’s episodic adventure Life is Strange has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a sequel.

Set up by Scott Ashby, who uses the name of character Kate Marsh, the fundraiser is seeking $20,000. Scott says he has no plans to develop the game himself should the Kickstarter reach its target.

Instead, Scott plans to approach DontNod and ask the studio to develop the game itself with the money he has raised. Alternatively, he hopes to purchase the IP and sponsor an alternative developer to make the game.

Backers who pledge $50 or more will receive a free copy of the game. If you pledge $1,000 you’ll get to write the backstory of one of the characters and for $2,000 you’ll be able to voice a character.

Scott says the sequel will offer additional details about secondary characters such as Kate Marsh and will offer “16 different outcomes” as well as a “new musical mini-game”.

As for why he’s doing all this, Scott has this to say:

“Currently Dontnod has no plans to do a sequel, and is working on a totally different (vampire style) game.

“They have said publicly that if they were to do another game like this, they would go with totally different characters and setting. The theory is that there is no where else to go with the story of Max and Chloe.”

It certainly seems he’s given this some thought even if his plans are about as likely to happen as me suddenly developing time reversing powers in the toilets.

DontNod is currently working on Vampyr, which is set in early 20th century London as Spanish Flu grips the city. The current project of the team behind Life is Strange has not yet been confirmed, however.