Dark Souls III Completed Under Two Hours

I enjoy video games, it’s a passion and something I’ve taken to ever since I can remember. However, it’s insane to me how some people can speedrun through an insanely difficult game, at least for me. Today, we’re finding out that one gamer in Japan has completed Dark Souls III in an astonishing time of under two hours. That’s incredible knowing that FromSoftware developed these games to be a challenging feat for even the most seasoned gamer.

Dark Souls III is already out in Japan and it’s a game from a well known and loved Souls series. These games were made to be difficult to complete though that hasn’t stopped gamers before in completing them in record time. One of those records has been set pretty high thanks to 제하니 who has completed the game in under two hours.

The game hasn’t even released outside of Japan yet and already a gamer has set the speedrun bar to just shy of two hours, more specifically, the game was completed in one and forty-two minutes.

This speedrun was posted online through YouTube for others to see though you’ll want to take note that it does contain spoilers. Interestingly enough, the player does die a few times so beating his record is actually possible.

Currently, Dark Souls III is available in Japan though the game will launch worldwide on April 12, 2016, for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can take a look at the speedrun video up above, but again, be forewarn that this is the full game captured.