Dark Souls III Video Comparison Shows Framerate Drops

Officially, Dark Souls III doesn’t launch for the western territories until April 12, 2016. However, because gamers can import video games from Japan and enjoy them fully, we’ve seen plenty of gamers already playing the Dark Souls III campaign. Today a new video comparison from the Digital Foundry shows off the framerates of Dark Souls III compared between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

Dark Souls III is a highly anticipated video game and as it stands, there’s already a few concerning issues with the game. For starters, the game runs at 900p resolution and then upscaled to 1080p on the Xbox One. Additionally, the Xbox One also faces a number of framerate drops during gameplay and cutscenes.

Within the video posted above, it’s clear that the framerates drops are not dramatic though the game definitely struggles at keeping up with the 30 frames-per-second base compared to the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

Both the Xbox One and the PlayStation share a similar issue when it comes to the Bloodborne engine Dark Souls III runs off of. As it seems, there are reports that the engine has an issue with frame-pacing causing some frames to be out of order in which case the game would appear as if it’s dropping in frame rate.

Fully aware that gamers can get their hands on a copy of Dark Souls III easily through importing the game from Japan, Bandai Namco Entertainment has issued a press release stating that the game is not fully ready. There is a day one patch that will launch which is said to further optimize the game for a better overall performance though it’s unknown if the patch will solve the framerate drops or even the frame-pacing.