Perfect Your Typing With Epistory

Type like your life depends on it with the latest video game launch from development team Fishing Cactus, Epistory. This is an action adventure title that helps gamers when it comes to typing not only quickly but efficiently. By the time you complete the game there’s a chance you’ll be typing away without giving a second thought at finger placement or backspacing to correct a grammatical mistake.

Once again, Epistory is an action adventure title set within an atmospheric and immersive world. Within the game, players control a girl riding atop of a three-tailed red fox through an epic journey to discover what invasive darkness is dwelling within the land, taking control of the protagonists once lush and beautiful world.

What makes Epistory stand out from its story-driven campaign is its combat mechanics as this is very much a typing game. Essentially, players fight back different enemies by typing out various words above their heads. Thus, it becomes critical to not only type quickly but accurately.

Besides combat, the game is said to contain brain-teasing puzzles and plenty of environments to explore. Don’t fret if the game is a bit too hard when you first start up as the development team placed a dynamic difficulty scaling which will allow young players to daily PC users to improve on their typing proficiency.

Currently, Epistory has two main game modes. There’s the campaign which we discussed a bit earlier, but secondly, Epistory has a leaderboard game mode where players can see where they rank with others.

Epistory is out right now through Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux at $14.99.