Miitomo, My Nintendo, Web eShop Launching Together On March 31

Nintendo has revealed they will be launching Miitomo, My Nintendo, and a newly enhanced web eShop for the West on March 31.

As a quick refresher, Miitomo is Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life-like game on mobile. You create a Mii, answer questions to give it a personality, and have it interact with Miis made by other players, so that you learn new things about each other. Miitomo also has a Miifoto feature allowing you to take selfies with your Miis and caption them.

My Nintendo is Nintendo’s new incentive program, replacing Club Nintendo. My Nintendo will allow you to earn points for digital rewards, such as DLC, in-app items, and discounts on games. Of course, My Nintendo is connected to Miitomo. If you register for both right now, you will get an email when Miitomo is ready to download, and you’ll earn Platinum Points for your My Nintendo account well before it launches. If you still haven’t done either, you can do both from the Miitomo website.

Finally, Nintendo promises to finally launch a new Nintendo eShop that can be accessed on the web, on mobile and desktop. This will be an additional option to buying games via the eShop on either the Wii U and 3DS. Nintendo promises you can look up and purchase over 2,000 games, with a web-optimized interface.

You can read our prior coverage of My Nintendo here and hereMiitomo was the most downloaded social app in Japan at launch, and is now over 1 million downloads.