GTA 6 Is Rumored To Have Started Development

Rockstar is rumored to have already started work on Grand Theft Auto 6.

Few other details are available from the source, save that Rockstar has not yet decided on the location. Rockstar is known to take several years to make their Grand Theft Auto games, so the rumor is completely believable. The only reason fans would doubt this rumor is Rockstar’s statement that they were committed to Grand Theft Auto 5/Online DLC. While the DLC has continued flowing steadily, it does not seem like Rockstar will be relying on it as a revenue stream that much, considering they ended support on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last September.

This same source shared an interesting detail about earlier development. It seems Rockstar came very close to making a Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo, jumping into the territory of a similar Sega-developed franchise, Yakuza. Rockstar got as far as visiting Tokyo, taking photographs and reference materials. However, they stopped working on it after realizing that they could not implement the road system on the US based Grand Theft Auto games. Eventually, Rockstar abandoned the idea of leaving the USA as a setting altogether. Rockstar considers many particulars that belong only in America, such as the car culture and the many brands, as staples of the series.

Would you have wanted a Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo? Are you looking forward to a new Grand Theft Auto already? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.