Hideo Kojima Is Back In The Field (At Sony)

Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima has shared new pictures of himself indicating that he is back at work at making video games, seemingly in Sony’s studios.

Today, Kojima shared a picture of himself surrounded by actors in motion capture suits. Kojima may have popularized sharing the behind-the-scenes of performance capture in video games. If you look near the top middle of the picture, you may also note an MLB The Show sign. You can also see the photographer in far left wearing a PlayStation 20th Anniversary shirt. Of course, Kojima’s lanyard has the PlayStation logo as well. All these details seem to add up as evidence that Kojima is working in  one of Sony’s studios.

This is the first picture of Kojima being seen doing anything randomly game related for some time, as he has spent most of the past year sharing his life with fans. He had been on an extended vacation after leaving Konami, and granted several interviews. Kojima even started a YouTube channel.

Just the day before, Kojima shared a picture of himself with Mark Cerny. Of course, this may have been a social call, a business meeting, or a little bit of both, but it’s not impossible that this was connected to his return to work.

Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions is contracted to work on games for the PlayStation 4. However, this does not preclude them from working on other projects, such as movies.