Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Totally Just Got Added To King Of Fighters XIV

In the latest teaser trailer for King of Fighters XIV, the eighth released thus far, SNK Playmore highlights many of the upcoming characters in the game’s roster, revealing the mysterious return of Vice, plus Taekwondo master Kim, and newcomer Sylvia Paula Paula, who as you can see from the footage above is basically a replica of Harajuku popstar Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, of PONPONPON fame.

As detailed by Shoryuken, Sylvie’s background harkens back to an older era of the series, as she is a member of the NESTS cartel, antagonists of an earlier story arc in the King of Fighters canon. Meanwhile, Kim seeks to strengthen his skills as a fighter, while no motivation or details have been provided clarifying the mystery of Vice’s return.

The video also reveals two new stages, Navajoland, a highway truck stop themed area that serves as the home stage of the Fatal Fury team, and Masquerade, a location based on the underground fighting ring where Sylvie rises to fame, leading to her invitation into the King of Fighters tournament. You can see photos of these stages and characters in our gallery below.

As previously reported, a recent leak purportedly revealed the entire 50 character roster of King of Fighters XIV. Can you see Sylvie Paula Paula in there? She appears to be the avatar on the far left on the Official Invitation team, which would line up with her backstory. It would appear the many roster leaks for KOFXIV have been right every time.

King of Fighters XIV is expected on PlayStation 4 sometime this year. For more on the game as this and other stories develop, keep an eye on the King of Fighters XIV Gameranx site tag.