Is This The Full Roster For King Of Fighters XIV?

King of Fighters XIV
was announced this past fall at Tokyo Game Show 2015 and already several roster leaks have given fans a good idea of what to expect from the line-up upon the game’s official debut. Nonetheless, what looks like a legitimate leak has reinforced evidence of the previously known fighters and revealed a few more.

As you can see, new characters are highlighted in red, suggesting that some teams will be comprised entirely of newcomers. While the original source of the image has been elusive, a tipster to fighting game news site Shoryuken confirms the grammar of the Chinese depicted in the image is correct, strengthening the possibility of its authenticity. According to their translation the text mostly refers to the size of the large cast, stating that “a total of 19,600 team combinations are possible thanks to the 50 playable characters”. That’s a lot of team combinations.

Many of the previous roster leaks through the forums have also been proven right, suggesting both that this leak could be correct and that security over at SNK Playmore isn’t very tight. Whatever the case, the King of Fighters XIV definitely has a dinosaur in it, and it is expected to come out on PlayStation 4 sometime this year. So far no other platforms have been announced, however previous entries in the series have been released on PC and Xbox consoles. Currently it is unknown if the game will have an arcade release, as King of Fighters XIV director Yasuyuki Oda stated in a recent interview that the focus has been on PlayStation 4. For more on the game as this and other stories develop, keep an eye on the King of Fighters XIV Gameranx site tag.