PSA: Alan Wake Is Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

Yesterday Xbox One received another backwards compatible update, and this one should please all the horror game fans. Alan Wake is among the three new titles to be added to the program, allowing fans to play Xbox 360 original on the latest generation of hardware.

Also added were Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the Xbox 360 port of the 1997 PlayStation original that came to Xbox Live Arcade in 2007, and Pac-Man, the…okay you should know Pac-Man by now. You don’t need me to tell you about Pac-Man.

Alan Wake has been the subject of much excitement lately, as bits of news have sprung up here and there, renewing hope that the series will be revived for a full sequel. When the recent trademark for Alan Wake’s Return popped up, it seemed if that were the case, but as it turned out, the filing was related to Quantum Break, which like its predecessors will feature an in-game television show based on the developers’ previous works, in this case, Alan Wake. Remedy Entertainment have also said that they have not “given up on the dream” of Alan Wake 2, and in a feature with Polygon shared concept art related to the potential title.

Alan Wake was originally released on the Xbox 360 in 2010 with a follow-up PC release in 2012. The spin-off pseudo-sequel Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, set in an alternate universe within the original game’s TV show, a Twilight Zone inspired program called Night Springs, was also released in 2012. Both titles will be available as bonuses for buying Quantum Break, with Alan Wake and its two DLC chapters coming as a free digital copy with a Quantum Break purchase, and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (which is also backwards compatible on the Xbox One) for pre-ordering Quantum Break.

Are you looking forward to a potential series revival? Sound off in the comments.