Cities Skylines Is Paradox’s Fastest Selling Game At 2 Million Units

Cities Skylines
Paradox Interactive has officially revealed that Cities Skylines has sold 2 million units. This makes it the publisher’s fastest selling game ever.

Cities Skylines is a city-building simulation in the same vein as SimCity. Developer Colossal Order previously worked on Cities In Motion, which was a transport management simulation. Cities Skylines expands on this base, and adds so many layers to the city-building and management aspects that it can serve as a functional urban planning simulator.

Some completely novel ideas Colossal Order introduced in Cities Skylines are citizen AI that actively commute and find the fastest routes between two points, to make traffic congestion and management something players actually solved in game, and the ability to separate the city into districts. Districts can be restricted by regulations to have higher taxes, to be used as transportation centers, etc. Colossal Order allowed players to use mods, but they also successfully released an expansion, Cities Skylines After Dark.

Cities Skylines

These represent sales across PC OSes, including Windows, Mac and Linux. Previously, we reported that Cities Skylines sold 240,000 units 24 hours upon release and one million within two months’ time.

Paradox Interactive also made this announcement exactly one year after Cities Skylines was first released. To celebrate, they promise a free update coming later this month. This update will add features like mild terraforming, so that former landforms can be converted into malformed formats. It will also add in canals and quays.

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