Cities: Skylines Is Getting Terraforming In A Free Content Patch

Cities: Skylines
is celebrating its one year anniversary, and with it, the game will be seeing a free content update that adds all new features to the game and options for ambitious players.

The developers at Colossal Order have announced that players will be able to perform mild terraforming on their cities’ formations. Through the newly added tools, players will even be able to construct canals and quays to give their cities a bit of flair and character apart from buildings. One could say that the developers have effectively handed to players the “quays to the city.”

Beyond that, the developers will be celebrating the game’s anniversary with a huge party in their home city of Tampere, Finland. A single lucky fan will be invited to join the festivities in a contest they just launched. If you’re interested in going to Finland, you can enter the contest here. If you win, you’ll get your plane and hotel fare fully paid for. All you have to do is submit your best Chirper-related artwork, poetry, game mod, or anything else the game inspired you to create. If they like your submission, you’ll get to hang out with them for awhile and enjoy a nice trip to scenic Finland.

For more details, check out the video they released below.