Dragon Age Anime Trailer Has… Stuff

The Dragon Age anime trailer has been released, and it’s 106 seconds of mixed emotions.

Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, which is a CG style anime film, will be released in Japan come February 11, and it’s kind of a mixed bag of… things. The film is apparently meant to serve as a prologue to Dragon Age III, so it actually could hold some value to those cynical fans who aren’t all that sure about it yet.

While it’s hard to really get an understanding as to what’s going on unless you speak Japanese, from what I can understand it’s something to do with blood mages, the Chantry and slow motion jumping at dragons while screaming. Other things from the series you may be able to recognize is a pride demon, some golems, and that lovely Templar armor.

If you think the film seems like a bit of a failure, you might be pleased to know that it at least has a decent cast. Japanese pop star and actor Gackt lends his voice to a knight commander, while actress Chiaki Kuriyama, most famous in the western world for her role as Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill (and to a more niche` extent, Takako Chigusa in Battle Royal,) voices the main protagonist – Cassandra Pentaghast.

Those who've played Dragon Age II will remember Cassandra as that lovely woman who captures and interrogates your friend throughout the game, so the anime may not be a complete waste of time if you’re looking to get some more background information leading up to the final instalment.

As for that knight commander – is that the same knight commander from the mage origin? I'm confused. I need my babel fish…


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