Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress DLC: Season Pass Holders Will Get It Very Soon

Avalanche’s Just Cause 3 is set to expand with the release of the Sky Fortress DLC over two waves, publisher Square Enix has announced. Season pass holders will be able to play the DLC from March 8th while everyone else will have to wait until March 15th.

The DLC features a new Iron Man-like wing-suit complete with missiles and machine guns and a new aerial environment to explore. The wing-suit, titled the Bavarium Wing-suit, is upgradable. Protagonist Rico also comes armed with the Bavarium Splitter assault rifle and the Eviction personal defence drone. All of these items can be used in the full game.

Sky Fortress introduces the eDEN corporation, which has developed an army of killer robot drones to torment you.

A free update will roll out to all players tomorrow and does the following:

  • Reduced initial loading time and in-game loading screens by 20-50%
  • Fixed several memory leaks resulting in crashes
  • Reduced a number of random crashes
  • Improved streaming of game world
  • Some performance optimizations related to hitches and stuttering
  • Implemented DLC system in preparation of the Air, Land and Sea packages

Those with a season pass will unlock Sky Fortress for free but for those without one, the DLC will cost $11.99/€11.99/£9.49 when it’s released on March 15th.

The Air, Land, and Sea Expansion Pass is also on sale for $24.99/€24.99/£19.99 on each platform. Each of the three expansion packs will be released by the end of summer this year with Expansion Pass holders gaining access to each a week early.

Just Cause 3 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.