PlayStation 4 Update 3.50 Brings Remote Play To PC And Mac

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 update 3.50 will be enabling Remote Play from PlayStation 4 to PC and Mac.

This feature will not be ready to test for the update’s beta, but Sony promises PlayStation 4 owners can look forward to try it out soon.

It also comes with a host of other features, including the following:

  • Stream directly to Dailymotion
  • Notification when your friends go online
  • Choose to appear online or offline
  • Schedule Events for you and your friends to play together
  • Play Together feature lets players see what their friends are playing

This information about Remote Play comes a day after Sony has confirmed ending shipping for PlayStation TV in Japan. Sony also confirmed they have discreetly stopped shipping in the West, but will continue to sell them in Asia.

Remote Play was a selling feature for the PlayStation Vita line of consoles, but Sony now seems content to move the feature over for fans to play on their computers. Sony has an advantage offering this feature to Mac owners as well. Microsoft updated Xbox One to allow streaming to PC, but this is only available to PCs that run Windows. Given the PlayStation’s previous association with Linux (Sony released a Linux kit for PlayStation 2), it would be interesting if Sony also brought the Remote Play feature to open source operating systems under the Linux and BSD families. Under the terms of open source licenses, it could even be possible that this Remote Play feature would be usable on a Steam Machine, if it came to Linux.

The PlayStation 4 version 3.50 update goes on beta on March 3.