“Stranger’s Dream” DLC Coming to Bastion Next Week

Supergiant Games has announced that they'll be celebrating the holiday season with a gift to their fans: new content for their critically acclaimed debut title, Bastion. Entitled "Stranger's Dream," the DLC pack features a new, longer Who Knows Where sequence that details the history of Caledonia and the backstory of the game's narrator, Rucks, as well as a couple of new game modes.

The first of these, Score Attack Mode, rates your combat performance for the entire game, allowing you to repeat all areas to go for the highest score possible. The second, No-Sweat Mode, looks to open up the experience to even the most casual players by allowing you to continue from right where you left off when you die, as many times as you'd like.

Stranger's Dream will be coming to the PC and brand spanking new Chrome versions of the game free of charge. Sadly, due to limitations imposed by Microsoft, you'll have to shell out 80 MSP ($1) if you want to experience the new content on the 360. The DLC launches on all platforms next Wednesday, December 14.