Riot Games Launches League Friends App


Riot Games has revealed today a brand new application for both Android and Apple iOS, based on their hit MOBA, League of Legends. While it may not be the application gamers were hoping for, it will be a useful utility for gamers who actively play League of Legends with their friends consistently. Called League Friends, gamers can message friends in-game or see who on their friends list is actively playing a match from their mobile device.

According to the Riot Games blog post, the League Friends app, will allow gamers who enjoy the League of Legends MOBA video game to chat and setup a game with those on their friends list before even jumping online. Within the application, gamers can see who is currently online, if they are playing a match, along with what champion they are currently using from their smartphone. Likewise, those who are on a PC can now see within their friends list who is online playing the game on PC along with those who are simply logged in on the League Friends app.

While at its current state, the League Friends app is more or less a messaging application, Riot Games does promise new upcoming features. However, it’s unknown what features will eventually make its way to the social application. As for now, gamers can download the application completely for free on both Google Play for Android devices along with the App Store for Apple iOS iPhones and iPads. Furthermore, gamers can enjoy League of Legends completely free on the PC through developers Riot Games.