Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Review


I had my reservations before accepting the review of Hitman GO: Definitive Edition. For one, I’m pretty terrible at stealth based games and because of that, I haven’t tried any previous installments within the Hitman franchise. Secondly, the computer I had at my disposal during the time for this review is less than desirable for gaming. However, with all that said, I’m thrilled to have played the game as Hitman GO: Definitive Edition was a perfect mash-up of easy to manage stealth and puzzle gameplay mechanics.

You may actually recall the game Hitman GO as it first released on the mobile platform in 2014, but since then, the game has released on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita as a Definitive Edition. Essentially, gamers are receiving the full video game that released on the mobile platform but with the added bonus of the previously released add-ons.


Similarly to the mobile version of Hitman Go, players control Agent 47, an expert assassin and the main protagonist within the Hitman franchise. However, unlike the previous installments of the Hitman video game series, Hitman GO is a more bare-bones experience. Levels are set up in a board game fashion with a few enemy pieces scattered about, all of which move in a particular pathway each turn. Likewise, Agent 47 is given a series of grids he is forced to stay on thus players are not given too much control on how they complete a level.

After players make a move, the resulting enemies will begin their turn, moving one space at a time. Players must remember the combination of their enemy movements in order to take them out or bypass them to exit the level, although if caught off guard by an enemy, Agent 47 is knocked over, just like a Chess piece resulting in players having to restart the game level. As players progress through the game, different enemies with various attributes are introduced, making it a bit more challenging to complete advanced levels and its set of goals.


Of course, just like the previous installments to the Hitman franchise, players will have a set of tools to use towards their advantage against the various enemies on the board. These tools include rocks that Agent 47 can toss at a specific location within the map in order to move the enemies that are in earshot to that location, or a sniper rifle that Agent 47 can use to eliminate an enemy from a greater distance.

Progression within the game was also relatively easy. Each base of levels require players to earn a specific amount of points to continue on. In order to achieve these points, each level will have a set of goals such as killing every guard within the map or complete the map without killing anyone. Likewise, there are also additional briefcases within levels that will offer extra points for those who are able to maneuver Agent 47 to its location. However, if you’re finding the gameplay to be too difficult, then there’s a helpful guide to give players a lead on how to finish.


With all this said, Hitman GO: Definitive Edition still feels and plays out much like a mobile title. The simplistic design and board game style made for some smooth overall gameplay that can easily be broken up throughout your day. I could jump on to play for a small burst amount of time before jumping off and continuing on my daily routine rather than feeling captivated enough to continuously play hours on end.

If you’re looking for a lightweight game puzzler then Hitman GO: Definitive Edition is well worth checking out. The gameplay is overall enjoyable and quick, but if you’re looking for the next big installment within the popular Hitman franchise, it’s probably best to move on and wait for the upcoming Hitman release later this year.

Final Verdict


Hitman GO: Definitive Edition was developed by Square Enix Montréal and published by Square Enix. It was released on February 23, 2016, at the MSRP of $7.99. A copy was provided by the publisher for the purposes of review.