Beyoncé Faces Lawsuit for ‘Walking Out’ on Video Game

Beyoncé was, apparently, supposed to have her own motion control dance game – and now she’s in legal trouble for bailing on it.

Beyoncé, who has one of the best videos of all time according to Kanye West, is being sued by developer Gate Five for ‘walking away’ from a deal to produce Starpower: Beyoncé.

While Beyoncé (or more realistically, Beyoncé’s legal time) tried to have the lawsuit dismissed, a New York Superior Court judge denied the motion, giving Gate Five the green light to continue with the suit, which was filed in April.

According to Gate Five, Beyoncé ‘double crossed’ the developer. Gate five had apparently already spent $6.5 million on the game before the singer (or, again, probably her manager) demanded more money. This allegedly caused the financier to back out of a $19.2 million financing deal, which, according to Gate Five, forced them to lay off 70 of their staff before Christmas.

While Beyoncé’s legal eagles argue this wasn’t the case, Gate Five are also seeking damages and an injunction to stop Beyoncé from working on any other games.

While I feel bad for Gate Five, knowing how a lot of devs are struggling, I can’t help but feel a little relieved this game never happened. I just don’t have the butt for that.