Game Dev Story for Android Only Ten Cents

If you have something that runs Android and don’t have Game Dev Story, you now have a change to redeem yourself and buy it for only 10 cents.

Kairosoft is giving the game away for just ten cents in honor of their newest releases, World Cruise Story and Grand Prix Story. That’s less than a cup of coffee, a loaf of bread… actually, I think you’d be hard pressed to find anything cheaper. There’s probably a million reasons why you should pick up this little gem of a game other than the fact it’s only 10 cents. It’s actually a really nifty and extremely addictive simulation which will have you directing a team of games developers.

You can hire and fire staff, choose ‘genre combinations’ for your games, market them and even attend conventions. The better the game, the more sales and money you’ll make, which you’ll need to get dev kits for all the newest consoles. You can even win awards for your more polished creations and attend conventions.

Just take your credit card and buy it now. It’s totally worth every cent.

(For the record, my best selling game is ‘Ass Detective.’)


[Thanks, DrLimmy]