New DmC “Escape” Trailer Shows the Perils of Limbo City Life

Capcom has released a new gameplay trailer for Ninja Theory's upcoming Devil May Cry reboot, DmC, featuring Dante 2.0 rushing to escape from a city that's trying to kill him.

Now, you might have read that statement and assumed I meant he was running from a crowd of unruly denizens, the local authorities, or something of that ilk. Nope. We're talking buildings and streets transforming into deadly obstacles, hateful messages appearing on the walls, the whole shebang.

While this reinvention of the franchise hasn't won over many of the series' diehard fans, as someone who found the older games a touch on the bland side, I'm impressed with what Ninja Theory has done so far. While I could take or leave the brooding anarchist makeover they've given Dante, the demon-hunting-as-mental-illness approach looks fantastically surreal so far, and I'm excited to see what else the game has in store when it releases on the PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime next year.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to clear a space on my desk for all the hate mail that's probably headed my way.