Skyrim Has an Awesome Invisible Super Chest

Should you be looking to gain a bit more coin, or looking for more crafting items, this really nifty ultra-chest in Skyrim is probably something you should look up.

Youtube user QuebecGaming1 has posted this really neat video of a secret, invisible chest that’s loaded with some pretty valuable loot. The amount of loot in there is actually enough to make us suspect that it was either possibly a debugging tool that got left in the game, or a leftover from a vendor that may have been intended for that area.

Regardless of the chest’s original purpose, however, it’s still really worth checking out just to see if there’s anything in there you could use in your game. The chest is located near Dawnstar (watch the video for the exact location as it can be a bit tricky to find, being invisible and everything,) that also – and this is really cool- respawns!

All you have to do is go somewhere else (visit your spouse, they miss you,) and wait more than 10 days. The chest and all the goodies inside will back to the original state when you return.