Modern Meets Stone Age In This Behind The Scenes Far Cry Primal Video

Throughout the publicity cycle for the upcoming release of Far Cry Primal, it has been mentioned that in creating this unique, primitive take on the classic FPS series, the developers went far back into the roots of pre-history to form a more authentic basis for the game’s supporting elements like language and tribe.

The team hunted out anthropologists and linguists, gathering every supporting piece of history to help weave a rich tapestry serving as the background for Far Cry Primal‘s lore. With the help of Montreal’s University of McGill, they settled on the Mesolithic Era of the Stone Age, about 10,000 BC, a few thousand years before humans would discover farming and cultivation. They also zeroed in on a specific region in what we now know as Eastern Europe, in the Carpathian mountain range, an area where as life flourished following the Ice Age, tribes from three continents began to converge. With this setting, the developers began to build the basis of Far Cry Primal.

To discuss this key, research-based part of the development process, a range of Far Cry Primal team members came together for a trailer entitled Bringing the Stone Age to Life, which you can see above. It offers even more insight into the setting of Far Cry Primal, including specific details on the three tribes game of the game, each with their own motivations and culture. Check that out by watching the video above.

There are only a few short days left before Far Cry Primal launches on February 23, 2016 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you just can’t wait til then to know more about the game, catch the full first hour of gameplay by checking out our recent post. You can also click on our Gameranx site tag for Far Cry Primal to catch up on all the latest posts.