Check Out The First Hour Of Far Cry Primal

Anticipation for Far Cry Primal is reaching a fever pitch, but some fans of the Far Cry franchise still aren’t sure if they’ll be buying the game until reviews come in. Now, you can get a glimpse of what to expect in this gameplay walkthrough of the Xbox version from YouTube user NukemDukem. His videos cover a substantial part of the game’s beginning and the one embedded above covers both the first hour and the game’s introductory scene.

The opening follows a group of hunters as they stalk a woolly mammoth. As NukemDukem points out, there have been claims that it’s possible to ride a woolly mammoth in the game, but his attempts to do so failed — in fact, the animal killed him. If you have any luck riding woolly mammoths when you play, please let us know in the comments.

NukemDukem also walks through the game’s various menus and the different rewards the game offers through Ubisoft Club, giving us a pretty thorough idea of what to expect. Overall, the graphics look pretty fantastic and the language barrier never feels like a problem. The map looks to be quite large and its settings varied enough to keep you on your toes — fast forward to 40:45 to take a look at the in-game map. 43:45 also features a pretty action-packed fight scene that gives you a good look at Far Cry Primal‘s in-game combat. The lack of guns definitely keeps things interesting.

Far Cry Primal drops February 23 and will be available for PS4, and Xbox One. The PC version debuts on March 1.