Resident Evil 6 to be set in China?

Wendy Mok is a name many of you won't of heard before. She's one of the millions of performers that voice the incidental characters in games, recently completely the role of an islander in Dead Island. She's also been working on another project, a project that we're not supposed to know about.

According to Moks's profile on EWP A.C.T.S, since deleted, she will be playing the role of "Chinese Villager/Zombie" in Resident Evil 6. Keep in mind that the voice acting is usually added to the game at quite a late stage, leading me to believe that if Mok really has been recording lines for Resident Evil 6, the game probably won't be too far away.

Because the profile has since been deleted, you obviously won't be able to check out the listing yourselves. However, she has yet to remove reference to the game from her LinkedIn profile, although the character she plays goes unlisted.

Will the next Resident Evil take part at least partially in China? This clearly hints at that, although it'd be silly to presume this is as good as confirmed. Let's just hope that these vague Chinese villages don't just have Chinese people in – that would be racist!