More Sony Smash Bros. News, Actually Code-named Title Fight

The Smash Bros. inspired game that nobody is really sure exists now has some screenshots and some details courtesy of the Paul Gale Network. With more and more information being leaked at a much faster pace, perhaps an announcement is imminent. If it does exist though, and at this point it seems way too good to be true, it has been named Title Fight.

But some of the information being leaked may make you pause for thought. For instance, if you believe the rumours then apparently Bond actor Daniel Craig has been asked to reprise his role in Title Fight because Sony are helping make the next Bond game – not unusual until you imagine the iconic character battling it out next to Kratos or Parappa the Rapper.

It certainly seems like some of Sony's biggest characters will be in the game, some who we haven't seen for a while. Parappa, who I mentioned earlier, is supposed to be a fully 2D character, voiced by his original voice actor and who will use some of his famous raps/phrases to damage enemies. I'm not sure what to think but "I gotta believe!"

Like Smash Bros, there'll be some recognisable locations as well. The main one that Paul Gale outlines is Sandover village, from Jak and Daxter (characters not yet said to certainly be in the game), a level that has a giant fish swimming below the stage, a definite threat if you fall into the water.

You'll also have to dodge flaming golf balls if you manage to acquire the Hot Shots golf flag, a unique item to the Sandover village stage (each level will have these unique items). 

But this is more than just Paul Gale sharing his stories, his last big claim to fame involved leaking Hideo Kojima's Circumision Killer game, pictures revealed by a Superbot lead designed all but confirm the game, that was until his website AND twitter account completely disappeared. His claim that the "Michael" – Long Live Play teaser foreshadows their game was probably a little much for the powers that be and they shut him down. Here's hoping the man didn't reveal too much, although I imagine he got more than a slap on the wrist.

There are still far too many questions and not enough answers, but the possibility of this sort of game even existing has been enough to get fans rather excited. Perhaps that's why we're suddenly discovering so much about this game that has been in development for upwards of two years but we've never heard anything about it. Twisted Metal and God of War developer David Jaffe responded but did nothing but share in the excitement.

"4 folks asking if I know anything about this rumored Sony brawler:news to me but if it is real, count me super jazzed! Been wanting a game like that for a while! I can tell you I know some of the folks over at Superbot and whatever they R making- I genuinely don't have a clue- I am sure will be very cool cause they got some great talents over there!"