Spectacular: Titanic Remade in CryEngine 3

Ever wondered what the Titanic would look like rendered in a game engine? Yeah, me neither.

Lack of interest hasn't prevented ORMEntertainment from recreating the doomed Titanic in its full glory in CryEngine 3.

The five-and-a-half minute long demonstration contains everything from the grand ballroom (featured prominently in the movie) to the smoking lounge, foyer, dining room, and passenger cabins—all fully furnished. The demonstrator even takes a trip to the loo.

The fully functional lights can be turned off and on, and even the windows can be opened with a view of the ocean outside.

At no point does the demonstration veer out onto the deck, so I assume that the locations have not yet been developed.

Regardless of its incompleteness, it's really quite a spectacle.