Code Masters Announce Dizzy’s Return

Get ready for some serious nostalgia, because Dizzy is finally back!

Code Masters, after a little bit of playful teasing, have officially announced and launched Dizzy: Prince of the Yolk Folk. For those of you too young to remember Dizzy the egg (or cassette tapes, for that matter,) Dizzy was a hit platformer during the 1980’s for Codemasters. Despite a series of successful titles, Dizzy faded into obscurity in the early 90’s.

With the franchise considered dead and buried until recently, this is exciting news for old fans, who are no doubt keen to re-unite with the glove-wearing egg. Dizzy: Prince of the Yolk Folk will be released to Android, iPhone and iPad on December 9th 2011.

With updated HD graphics, which are showcased on the website thanks to some nifty before-and-after screen shots, the game looks set to contain all the charm of the original, along with the egg puns.

Dizzy: Pince of the Yolk Folk looks like it’ll offer eggstreme fun for soft boiled and hard boiled gamers alike.
(I’m so sorry.)


[Source: The Gaming Liberty]