BioWare Rumored to Announce New Command and Conquer

BioWare is being a tease again! This time, rumor has it that their new game announcement may be of a Command and Conquer title.

A recent Spike VGA advert contained a very short teaser of the new game, which BioWare will be announcing at the awards ceremony. Some interesting evidence, however, points to a new Command and Conquer title, according to Eurogamer.

An employee of Victory Games – an EA developer who’s known to be rebooting the Command and Conquer franchise – recently listed her place of work as BioWare studios. This was soon spotted and pointed out by internet super-sleuth, Superannuation.

The teaser footage, which would easily suit a Command and Conquer title, adds up quite nicely Victory Games’ promise of a Command and Conquer title ‘later this year.’ This evidence, along with BioWare’s promise to reveal their newest title at the Spike VGA… we’ll let you come to your own conclusions.


[Source: Eurogamer]