Xbox 360 Dash Update Goes Live On December 6th

December 6th. Thats the day to make sure you turn your Xbox 360 on and connect it to Xbox Live, on that date the latest update will launch and bring tons of goodies along with it.

The update will change up your dash, making it look tons sexier. The update will also ass gesture support and voice controls via the Kinect. Microsoft claims that this update will leave you feeling that you have a whole new Xbox, plus it has Bing search … and that's … neat? Other features to be added include Cloud Storage for Game Saves (awesome!) and Live Profiles, Beacons, Facebook Sharing and enhanced Family Settings.

Also launching on December 6th are entertainment apps. Televison, music, sports, internet videos, movies and many more. This looks like the best update for the Dash since the adding of Avatars with the first major dash remodel. With so many great new features being added to the dash the 360 is becoming even more of an excellent media center for the whole family.