Beyond Good & Evil 2 Lives!

If you're wearing pants, now might be a good time to take them off because the news you're about to read will either blow your mind or something else entirely.

A presentation by game designers Michel Ancel and Jordan Mechner to a closed audience about game narratives contained some very interesting slides—confirming the irrefutable existence of Beyond Good & Evil 2.

For the first time ever, we have gotten a glimpse of the game's logo and the setting in which it will be set.

According to the presentation, outed by french BG&E fansite, the design team flew down to India to get the feel of a very populated city and design a believable world. The world of Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a mix of modern and classical.

The two designers state that the engine they've developed for the game will allow them to craft huge, fully explorable cities rich with details. They hope to establish a link between the player and the world by immersing the player in its setting, so that if something cataclysmic or violent were to happen to the environment, the player would feel affected.

Some low-resolution concept artwork of the game's various characters, objects, and scenes can be seen below.

There is no word on which platforms the game is intended to be developed on, but Michel Ancel has previously stated that the designers can't do what they want to do with the current generation of consoles.