Cthulhu Saves The World Bundle Sells 100,000 on Steam

The creators of Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII, Zeboyd Games, have announced that their bundle has sold 100,000 copies on Steam. This is after they were widely available on the Indie section of the XBLA, where they sold significantly less over a longer period of time.

This announcement comes after the Steam Halloween sale, in which the pack was half price. 

I admit I bought them in the sale and haven't got around the playing them yet, but they're in my library, along with about 70 other games I plan to play at some point before I die. It highlights just how handy a Steam deal is to an indie dev, and how good the service as a whole can be to a small company.

Zeboyd Games are currently working on the third episode in the Penny Arcade Adventures series.