Freakishly Talented Man Plays Game Tunes ‘Blind’

Tom Brier doesn’t play video games and has never heard any music from them – but with no more than sheet music, he can play it to perfection.

The videos, posted by Keeper1st, have taken the internet by storm. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by Brier’s fantastic neckbeard, however, as the true success behind these videos is actually in his musical talent.

Brier, a ragtime pianist who can ‘play blind,’ or ‘sight read,’ is given different pieces of sheet music from video games to play. He reads over them, and proceeds to play them like you’ve never heard before. Brier has never heard any of this music before, but still manages to play it in a way that would have made your grandmother blush. Brier is a piano god.

Once the initial awe at one man’s piano wizardry subsides and you’re left wishing you’d done something like this with your life, the music itself is actually pretty cool on its own. Brier enjoys adding embellishments of his own as he goes, making for some interesting takes on classics such as The Legend of Zelda’s ending theme and the Sonic the Hedgehog Gumball theme, while his rendition of the Tetris theme is not just a piano cover, but the tale of a man's struggle and pain.

We really suggest you watch a few of his videos, as they’re something just a little bit different and uplifting to listen to. If super heroes existed, Brier would probably play piano for Batman at parties.