3-Year-Old Swords Man in Skyrim, Learns Lesson About Bullying

An adorable 3-year-old girl has learned a harsh lesson about bullying thanks to Skyrim.

The girls parents, who later explained the situation to Kotaku, posted the video of her playing the game to Youtube. The video shows the girl being asked to leave somewhere by an NPC, to which the girl responds to by shouting ‘NO!’ She continues to persist, until she eventually loses patience and decides to ‘sword’ the villager like a true Dovahkiin.

While the video may seem like a typical reaction to a child playing a video game, things change when, having killed the NPC, the girl’s character is swarmed by guards, who proceed to sword her into oblivion. While the look on her face is priceless, even more priceless is her simple and honest epiphany: “People don’t want to be sword.”

Some may be quick to call the girl’s parents irresponsible, but her parents insist there was an important lesson behind the swording. “While I do understand that games and violence out of context can be harmful to a child, we are a family of gamers, and the exposure to some imagery is inevitable (though unfortunate). We do our best to explain things to her and talk about what happens,” Carl Douglas, the girl’s father told Kotaku. “She was in a moment of spotlight since we kept snickering at her saying "no" to the guy telling her that she had to leave – hence the escalating volume from each response to it – so we let it slide even though she knows better than to talk to people like that, haha.

But when the adorably traumatic realization set in that the guards were responding to her "swording" by giving her "boo boos," we did ask her what happened. She just sweetly responded "peoples don't like swords, and we don't want swords on the peoples" and she didn't want to play anymore.”

This raises some interesting questions about the potential to teach children important moral lessons in a controlled environment, which could be used to combat the myth that video games cause people to become violent.

Regardless, however, this little girl has stolen the gaming community’s hearts. As one youtube commenter puts it:

“I approve of this. She is learning in a virtual environment that it is wrong to kill people. She killed someone and was quickly admonished and killed herself thus learning the simple truth that people don't want to be sword. Most of us have to learn killing is wrong the hard way. I miss my brother.”


[Source: Kotaku]